June Webinars

Celebrating 6 Years of Student Engagement with Aktiv Chemistry

Join any of 6 webinars focused on first-year and organic chemistry courses. As a thanks for attending, we’ll send you a $6 gift card to Dunkin Donuts to buy something sweet to celebrate on us!


June 28


Aktiv for Survey of Organic Chemistry

Learn how Aktiv Chemistry supports students with an introduction to organic (and biochemistry) with the AktivGrid drawing system that allows them to easily draw skeletal structures, structural formulas, chair, Newman, Fischer, and Haworth projections.


June 29


What’s New in Aktiv Chemistry

Have you seen Aktiv Chemistry (formerly Chem101) in the past and want an update? Now’s your chance. Learn about the new content and features that have launched in recent years and preview exciting capabilities launching for Fall 2022.


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