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  • Faculty Panel: Leveraging Technology to Improve Learning in Organic Chemistry:  April 22, 1pm ET
  • Making Your Classroom a Joyful Learning Environment: April 29, 2:15pm ET
  • Inspiring Non-Chem Majors with Real World Context & Gamification: May 6, 2:15pm ET

Finding the right technology to support teaching and learning in Organic Chemistry courses can often be a make-or-break situation for instructors. Join us for a faculty panel discussion about the challenges and successes of engaging students in Organic Chemistry. Learn how instructors have adopted Aktiv Chemistry and the AktivGrid to help their students intuitively draw structures, receive rich feedback as they work through problems and make mistakes, and help them with electron pushing/arrow drawing for mechanisms and resonance concepts. Moderated by Justin Weinberg, Co-founder & CEO of Aktiv Learning.

Meet The Panel:


Mike Pence

Manchester Community College


Charlene Kemmerle

Delaware Technical Community College


Michael Garoutte

Missouri Southern State University


Justin Weinberg

Co-founder & CEO, Aktiv Learning

Following up on her recent ACS presentation, Beverly will share her journey from lecture-driven to student-centered, explaining the specific ways she has adjusted her approach to engage students. Shifts include recognizing students’ needs for more affordable course materials, positive reinforcement for their efforts, mobile-friendly tech for in-class problem-solving, and empathy for the challenges they face outside the classroom.

Following up on her recent ACS presentation, Dr. Addie Clark shares the myriad ways she answers her non-chem major students’ question: Why do we have to learn this?? From assignment questions and problems chock full of real world applications to an escape room to career related information and projects, Addie offers impactful ways to engage those less-than-enthusiastic students.


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