Closing the Achievement Gap in Math and Chemistry

Learn how Aktiv’s low-stakes assessments and adaptive feedback are improving student outcomes in math and chemistry with more engaging, supportive learning.

About the Webinar

Uneven preparedness and negative experiences in introductory science and math courses keep too many students from succeeding in STEM. Aktiv’s pioneering technology is changing the game by helping students visualize, interact with and master the most challenging concepts. Learn more by watching this webinar recording.

Boost academic integrity with a responsive algorithm

Professor Stephanie Dillon shares how Aktiv’s intelligent algorithm randomizes questions and reduces cheating concerns during quizzing.

Helping non-STEM students see beyond equations and formulae

Professor Elaine Bernal uses Aktiv’s game-like interface to help non-major students see how chemistry functions in the real world.

Slash financial barriers with a high-quality and accessible platform

Professors Brad Bates and Brian Woodrum praise Aktiv’s free integration with OpenStax for saving students $60,000 on course materials.

Offer a hands-on learning experience with AktivGrid

Professors Cathy Serrano Lugo and Daniel Collins share how they reduced their DFW rates by letting students visualize their misconceptions.

Our Speaker


Justin Weinberg, PhD

Co-founder, Aktiv Learning

Aktiv Learning

Hear Why Instructors Choose Aktiv Chemistry

Professors from over 700 colleges and universities pick Aktiv Chemistry to rev up engagement and improve learning outcomes.

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