Closing the Gap: Math Foundations & Spaced Practice + Repetition

Learn how Aktiv Chemistry helps underprepared students by targeting math foundations and keeping them engaged throughout their courses with spaced practice and repetition.

Every webinar attendee will automatically be entered for one of four $750 travel stipends to the ACS Spring 2023 meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

No matter what level of chemistry you teach, instructors have been faced with an increasing number of underprepared students in their courses after the pandemic. Learn how Aktiv Chemistry can help close the gap with targeted math foundations content and scaffolded learning activities that keep students engaged. In addition, learn how Aktiv’s Adaptive Follow Up activities build on the learning science of spaced practice and repetition to personalize each student’s learning process by giving them the extra support they need.

Math Remediation

Help students learn, review, and practice essential math skills - from order of operations to quadratic equations, exponents to logs.

Benefit from scaffolded interfaces that give students visual, pedagogical, and guided support as they problem solve, not just after they submit answers.

Adaptive Follow Up

Ensure student mastery with our automatically-generated, personalized problem sets for spaced practice.

Let Aktiv Chemistry’s Adaptive Follow Up activities identify struggle points and engage students in targeted practice in the days following each assignment.

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Justin Weinberg, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Aktiv Learning

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