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Transform Student Success with Aktiv

Students have spoken. They value having multiple ways to apply their knowledge. And they expect to do so in a highly interactive and personalized manner. These six inspirational faculty have responded by using Aktiv Chemistry to take student success to new heights.

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In this free ebook, your fellow chemistry professors share how they use Aktiv Chemistry and why grades, retention and participation are now off the charts. Plus, see what students have to say about the role Aktiv has played in their overall learning experience.

Increase engagement in class with chemistry-specific activities

Professor Stephanie Dillon shares how Aktiv’s wide variety of question types allow her to engage more than 350 students in her flipped classroom.

Make chemical structure drawing intuitive and fun

Professors Cathy Serrano Lugo and Daniel Collins share how they reduced their DFW rates with the groundbreaking AktivGrid drawing system for Organic Chemistry.

Slash financial barriers with a high-quality and accessible platform

Professors Brad Bates and Brian Woodrum praise Aktiv’s integration with OpenStax for saving their department $60,000 on course materials per year.

Give non-STEM majors a more accessible chemistry experience

Professor Elaine Bernal uses Aktiv’s game-like interface to help non-STEM major students see how chemistry functions in the real world.

Featured in this Ebook

Stephanie Dillon

Director of Freshman Chemistry Labs

Florida State University

Cathy Serrano Lugo

Chemistry Lecturer

Texas A&M University

Daniel Collins

Instructional Associate
Professor of Chemistry

Texas A&M University

Brad Bates

Chemistry Faculty

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Brian Woodrum

Chemistry Faculty

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Elaine Bernal

Chemistry and Biochemistry Lecturer

California State University, Long Beach

Get Inspired By Your Peers Who Use Aktiv Chemistry

See how faculty have minimized barriers and maximized engagement with Aktiv’s interactive features.

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