Bringing Active Learning to Your Math Courses

In celebration of Aktiv Learning joining the Top Hat family, you’re invited to a special webinar to learn how Aktiv Mathematics can increase engagement and improve student outcomes in your lower-division math courses.

Join us for a webinar hosted by Product Manager, Tom Kulesa, to learn how Aktiv Mathematics lowers student anxiety, emphasizes showing work, and scaffolds students through the most foundational concepts in Developmental Math, College Algebra, and Precalculus courses.

Groundbreaking & Scaffolded
User Interfaces Crafted for Math

Lower math anxiety with visual and tactile activities that guide students through the most foundational concepts and skills in math

Emphasize Showing Work

Aktiv’s question types actually encourage students to show their steps of work as they solve each problem, not just the final answer. And they receive personalized feedback along the way too.

In-class Activities,
Homework & Assessments

Aktiv’s comprehensive and flexible platform creates opportunities for faculty to engage students both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as in both formative and summative assessments

Reduce Costs with OER

For maximum student affordability, Aktiv Mathematics directly integrates with any free OpenStax text of your choice. Additional flexibility allows instructors to work alongside any existing textbook as well.

Hosted By


Tom Kulesa

Product Manager

Aktiv Learning

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