Meet The team That’s

Transforming STEM Education

Justin Weinberg, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Justin is the visionary behind Aktiv Learning and founded the company based on a decade of teaching math and science as a tutor and teaching assistant. Now, he is leading Aktiv Learning to bring its platform to STEM courses across North America. Justin received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University where he was awarded the prestigious NSF Fellowship.

Igor Belyayev

Co-founder & CTO

Igor leads all technical development at Aktiv Learning and is responsible for bringing our novel interactive experiences to reality on iOS, Android, and Web. He previously worked as a mobile developer at startups like and Hackerati, as well as media companies like The Huffington Post and Viacom. Igor and Justin have been creating products together since 2011.

Jackie Donovan

Jackie oversees all customer success and sales initiatives at Aktiv Learning. She is incredibly passionate about working with faculty to implement Aktiv Learning’s platform in order to foster student learning and engagement in STEM courses. Jackie holds an MBA for NYU’s Stern School of Business and brings years of experience working with both small companies and large corporations.

Jackie Kroeger-Donovan, MBA

VP of Sales & Customer Success

Dvora leads marketing at Aktiv Learning, enthusiastically explaining the positive impact of Aktiv Learning’s platform on students and educators. A founder of innovative schools and a former math teacher, Dvora feels deeply committed to improving students’ learning experiences. She has worked at ed tech companies developing and marketing offerings that serve students in grades K through post-secondary, across all content areas.

Dvora Inwood

VP of Marketing

Amanda Kutney

Amanda is responsible for the creation and delivery of editorial content, leading a team of authors and reviewers driven by quality academics and student engagement. She holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University and is a certified Instructional Designer with over 10 years of teaching and educational technology experience. Amanda is passionate to equip fellow educators with technology to reshape the learning experience.

Amanda Kutney, PhD

Director of Content


Blaine manages both Support and Operations for Aktiv Learning, making sure that everything is working smoothly for both external users and the internal teams in the company. She earned her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, has research experience in chemical physics, and has worked at several other start-ups before Aktiv Learning. As a former teacher and science student, she is passionate about making STEM learning more interactive.

Blaine Alleluia

Director of Operations

Sazzad Hossain

Product Team

Thomas Kulesa

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Peter Chiapinni

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Alex Plakantonakis

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Alli Colyer

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George Slotin

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Drew Carr

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Syed Huq

Marketing Team


James Caras, PhD


Sapling Learning

Ned Renzi

Founding Partner

Birchmere Ventures

Bradley McBride

Managing Director

Recurring Capital Partners


Mark Miller

Managing Partner, Good Harbor Partners

Torsten Geers

Former EVP, Cengage

Troy Williams

Managing Partner, University Ventures

Alex von Rosenberg

Former Sr. VP Sales, zyBooks & Wiley

Harris Goodman

Co-founder, Late Nite Labs

Susan Badger

Former CEO, Pearson

Vineet Madan

Founder & CEO, Junction Education

Eduardo Moura

Former President, Ascend Learning

Gary June

Former CMO, Pearson