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Innovative Interface, Scaffolded Learning Activities

Hear how we help students hit a-ha moments and (finally) DO the math

We’ll explore what makes us unique and impactful:

Scaffolded Problem-Solving

Give students a guide-on-the-side that keeps them engaged and thinking, that encourages them to try, explore, and persevere.​​

Feedback Every Step of the Way

Let students learn from their mistakes in the moment, when they are most open to hearing feedback and leaping forward in their skills and knowledge. 

Guided Word Problems

Support students with visual and tactile modalities that help them translate the abstract into the concrete, the words into algebra.

Reduced Math Anxiety

Conquer math anxiety by making it easy, accessible, and fun for students to DO the math. Adopt a mobile-first, intuitive platform, and improve learning and engagement.​​

And we'll ensure we cover all your needs:

All-in-one platform: support in-class activities, homework, quizzes, or secure online exams.

Your course, your way: LMS and gradebook integrations, customizable grading policies and assignment settings.

Extensive content library: free response, graphing (Desmos integrated!), multiple choice, and unique interactive questions.

Affordable: Easily align content to any textbook or OER, access 6 OpenStax textbooks embedded into the platform.

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Tom Kulesa

Product Manager of Mathematics

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