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Desmos Joins Forces with Aktiv Mathematics

The Desmos you know and love has partnered with Aktiv Mathematics to help students learn like never before at affordable prices. With this new integration, instructors are able to:

  • Assign in-class activities, homework, quizzes, and exams using ground breaking question types for math
  • Access a comprehensive library covering all topics in math from Prealgebra through Precalculus
  • Create graphing-based activities for manipulating lines and curves, shading regions, and plotting points
  • Give targeted feedback and capture students’ thinking process

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Meet the Hosts


Justin Weinberg, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Aktiv Learning

Meaghan Maguire

Director of Partnerships


Tom Kulesa

Product Manager

Aktiv Learning

Courtney Arifin

Support Operations

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