Introducing McMurry’s Organic Chemistry on Aktiv Chemistry

Aktiv and OpenStax have partnered to integrate the 10th edition of McMurry’s Organic Chemistry. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to put it to use in your course.

Webinar: McMurry’s Organic Chemistry + Aktiv Chemistry

It’s a challenge many instructors encounter: choosing the right learning materials for their course, while keeping costs in check for their students. Thanks to a new partnership between OpenStax and Aktiv, students will now be able to learn from McMurry’s industry-leading Organic Chemistry (10th edition) text, free of charge. 

Join a webinar to learn:

  • Why Organic Chemistry is widely recognized for its scholarship, precise explanations, innovative illustrations and applications
  • How students will be able to practice material thanks to the direct integration of Organic Chemistry within the Aktiv platform
  • The groundbreaking AktivGrid drawing system for intuitive molecule and mechanism drawing
  • The way Aktiv Chemistry and McMurry’s Organic Chemistry are lowering the barriers of student success in organic chemistry courses

An example of how Aktiv Chemistry and the AktivGrid provide targeted instructional feedback that guides students with helpful hints when they submit incorrect answers on complex problems like multi-step synthesis.



Justin Weinberg


Aktiv Learning

Daniel Collins

Instructional Assoc. Professor

David Harris Headshot

David Harris


We are honored to be working with OpenStax and John McMurry on this historic project. With this partnership, we are able to combine the best learning content with the best learning technology for Organic Chemistry – all while significantly lowering costs and increasing equity across higher education.
Justin Weinberg
Co-founder, Aktiv Learning

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