AktivGrid: Arrow Drawing for Organic Reaction Mechanisms & Resonance

Learn about Chem101’s exciting new approach to help students learn and master electron pushing in Organic Chemistry courses

In this webinar, you’ll see:

• An overview of the intuitive AktivGrid drawing system, designed specifically for skeletal structures, condensed structural formulas, chair projections, Newman projections, and more!

• Enables students to receive rich feedback that helps them identify missed concepts

• A research-based stepping stone approach to electron pushing that helps students build a conceptual understanding and also allows them to actually draw mechanisms

• Several live examples of different mechanism and resonance problems with applications to in-class activities, online homework assignments, quizzes, or exams

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Meet the Hosts

Justin Weinberg, PhD

Co-founder & CEO, 101edu

Amanda Kutney, PhD

Director of Content, 101edu

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