OpenStax Organic Chemistry from John McMurry

Aktiv Chemistry and OpenStax have come together to integrate the upcoming new edition of John McMurry’s Organic Chemistry as a free, open resource textbook.

Starting in Fall 2023, instructors and students will enjoy access to:

  • The 10th edition of Organic Chemistry by renowned educator John McMurry completely free of charge
  • Directly connected learning experiences in the Aktiv Chemistry platform with the McMurry text – helping students practice material in new and productive ways
  • Specially integrated problems and exercises from the McMurry book in the Aktiv Chemistry content library

It’s finally here. A world-class open resource textbook for Organic Chemistry courses by OpenStax. The best part? It’s authored by renowned educator John McMurry.

As part of an agreement with OpenStax, Aktiv Chemistry has been chosen as a supporting technology partner of the forthcoming new edition of Organic Chemistry.

Used by more than 1 million students over its first nine editions, McMurry’s Organic Chemistry is widely recognized for its scholarship, precise explanations, innovative illustrations and applications suitable for pre-med, allied health, bioengineering, biology, chemistry and related majors. OpenStax and the original publisher, Cengage, have agreed that after OpenStax’s robust review and revision process, OpenStax will publish the 10th edition of the popular and influential text as an open educational resource (OER). 

Aktiv Chemistry will provide directly connected learning and engagement support for the new book – helping chemistry students practice and experience the material in new and productive ways.

Aktiv Chemistry supports Organic Chemistry courses with its groundbreaking AktivGrid drawing system. The patent-pending technology lowers barriers to student success in the notoriously difficult course by making molecule drawing intuitive and supporting students with instant, intelligent feedback on their mistakes as they practice. Instructors have quickly adopted Aktiv Chemistry all over the country, including at Texas A&M University, where the AktivGrid is described by faculty as the “best drawing tool out there.”

An example of how Aktiv Chemistry and the AktivGrid provide targeted instructional feedback that guides students with helpful hints when they submit incorrect answers on complex problems like multi-step synthesis.

The upcoming book and integration will be available in the Fall 2023 academic term. The integration will feature directly connected learning experiences in the Aktiv Chemistry platform with the McMurry text – helping students refer to specific sections of the book as they participate in homework and practice activities. In addition, Aktiv Chemistry will have specially integrated problems and exercises from the McMurry book in the Aktiv Chemistry content library.

We are honored to be working with OpenStax and John McMurry on this historic project. With this partnership, we are able to combine the best learning content with the best learning technology for Organic Chemistry – all while significantly lowering costs and increasing equity across higher education. This is a huge win for chemistry students and educators alike.
Justin Weinberg, PhD
Co-founder & CEO, Aktiv Learning
The Aktiv Chemistry platform is transformative due to its groundbreaking and intuitive AktivGrid drawing system for Organic Chemistry courses. The integration between Aktiv and the OpenStax edition of McMurry’s Organic Chemistry text will provide a richer and more effective teaching and learning package.
David Harris
Editor-in-Chief, OpenStax

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the cost of the new McMurry textbook?

Since McMurry 10e by OpenStax will be published as an open education resource (OER), the text will be completely free of charge as an ebook! Hardcover options will also be available for a nominal fee as per other OpenStax titles. 

Can I still use Aktiv Chemistry with other Organic Chemistry textbooks?

Absolutely! Aktiv Chemistry will always be textbook independent so you can still use it alongside other popular texts such as Klein, Wade, Bruice, and others. Even if you are not using the new McMurry text in your course, you will still be able to link to it in Aktiv Chemistry as an additional resource.

When will the new McMurry book become available?

McMurry 10e by OpenStax will be available for use with students for the Fall 2023 term. The OpenStax team is working very hard to make available sample chapters and review copies with ample time ahead of Fall 2023. Sign up to be the first to receive more information. 

What other resources will be available with the new McMurry textbook?

The textbook will be available online, in web and PDF formats, along with an openly licensed, free student solution manual and other ancillaries. 

How do I learn more about Aktiv Chemistry?

The best way to learn about Aktiv Chemistry is through a personalized demonstration. You can sign up here to schedule one at a time that works best for you!

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