Webinar with Dr. Scott Reid & Dr. Tara Todd

Recipe for Recitations

Best Practices for Discussion Sections

In this webinar, we explore:

  • Training TAs or LAs to optimize for student engagement
  • Leveraging Aktiv Chemistry (Chem101) to easily administer problem-solving
  • Crafting problem sets that fully probe topics and lead to big picture understanding

For more insights from Dr. Scott Reid, read his advice on ‘revving up recitations’ here.

Originally aired on: January 28, 2022

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Dr. Scott Reid, Marquette University

Scott Reid joins us from Marquette University where he is the Chair of the Department of Chemistry. His chemical education research focuses on studying the impact of flipped classrooms in chemistry courses. In addition to his expansive work in research and education, he has leadership roles on the ACS Petroleum Research Fund Advisory Board and ACS Committee on Professional Training. He currently teaches General chemistry and Organic chemistry.

Dr. Tara Todd, Vanderbilt University

Tara Todd is the Principal Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Vanderbilt University. She plays a central role in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum there, teaching both semesters of introductory chemistry and Gen Chem for science and engineering majors. In addition to teaching, she is involved in curriculum development, serves as an undergraduate advisor to chemistry majors, and facilitates undergraduate research experience within the department.

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