Aktivate Student Engagement in STEM

Aktiv Learning’s next-generation platform increases student engagement and improves student outcomes in STEM courses. Learn more about our family of products that help students visualize, experience, and interact with difficult concepts in new and innovative ways.

Aktiv Chemistry

(formerly Chem101)

Transform First-Year and Organic Chemistry courses with intuitive modules that support students in molecule drawing, dimensional analysis, nomenclature, chemical equations, and much more.

Aktiv Mathematics

Revolutionize how students learn math in Prealgebra through Precalculus with technology that scaffolds the learning process, lowers math anxiety, and provides feedback on individual steps of work.

A Message From Our Co-Founder

When we founded 101edu in 2016, we wanted to bring active learning to the center of STEM education.

Nearly six years later, our mission continues to make incredible progress. Our first product for chemistry courses has now been adopted by faculty at over 600 colleges and universities across North America.

The impact is clear. Through a recent survey of 6,100+ chemistry students, we confirmed that 86% of them attributed our platform to making them more engaged or interested in chemistry. Our faculty community has also confirmed we lower the barrier for them to implement active learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Now we’re taking the opportunity to evolve our brand to better communicate and reflect our mission.

Welcome to Aktiv Learning, the evolution of 101edu.

Chem101 will now be known as Aktiv Chemistry. For those who currently have courses with us, we’ve prepared answers to your questions about this change in an article here.

I want to reassure our entire community that this is simply a name change. It is not a change to our platform, technology, or our commitments to student affordability and support.

The one big update – we’re expanding our platform to address one of the biggest roadblocks to student success in STEM. We invite you to learn more about Aktiv Mathematics, our new product to support Developmental Math and other lower-division college math courses.

On behalf of the entire Aktiv Learning team of chemists, mathematicians, educators, and engineers, we thank you for sharing our commitment to student learning and enthusiasm for the STEM fields.

The best is yet to come.


Justin Weinberg, PhD

Justin Weinberg, PhD

Co-founder & CEO