Professorial Persona Active Learning Enthusiast

You’re the ultimate Guide-on-the-Side who can inspire others!

Tips to Try

  1. Mix it up: Group work or individual problem solving? Experiment with different in-class experiences.

  2. Streamline your workflow: Use an all-in-one-platform to efficiently create practice, homework, and assessments!
  3. Embrace educational research: You know you’ve got impactful practices. Write up your results, share your wisdom!
  4. Consider cognitive science: Get a deeper understanding of learning and the brain.

Top Resources for You

Measure your success
Publish the results

You're a master of student-centered learning. Become an 'action researcher' and write up your findings. Dr. Brandi Baldock does this regularly and even turned the pandemic into a learning opportunity.

Sometimes 'errors'
are not Misconceptions

Rather than fully dismiss student errors as 'misconceptions,' sophisticated educators realize a “wrong answer” represents a momentary coalescence of small bits of knowledge. Dr. Stowe explains how instructors can identify these “bits” and focus instruction on supporting useful “bit” activation.

Active Learning in the Large Lecture Format

In depth examination of concept-specific and program-wide strategies that UT Austin chemistry instructors implemented with measurable success. While in-house research team created robust materials within the UT LMS, quality chemistry resources can be leveraged instead to comparable impact. Read for inspiration and ideas!

Streamline Your Workflow

“I sat down for the first time with Aktiv Chemistry to put together the homework sets for my 37 lectures and it took me about 2 hours total!”[Dr. Dillon, Florida State University] "Using Aktiv Chemistry in-class as a student response system and outside of class for a homework system was a benefit. It had always been one or the other for me..." [Dr. Blaser, "Active Learning in General Chemistry" editor]

Group Work?
Or Solo Solving

Renowned chemist and chemical educational researcher Dr. Brent Stockwell studied the impact of different in-class learning activities. Consider his results and experiment to see how your students learn best.

Assessment as a
learning experience

Educators who have fine tuned their assessments OF and FOR learning [summative/formative] can take this to the ultimate level. Review the presentation or watch the WEBINAR RECORDING of Dr. Mernitz explaining how your assessments can develop students metacognitive abilities.