Professorial Persona Student-Centered Mini-Lecturer

You balance short bursts of lecture with student in-class problem-solving!

Tips to Try

  1. Proclaim your passion: Humanize yourself (and chemistry!) by making your passion for chemistry palpable.

  2. Streamline your workflow: Use an all-in-one-platform to efficiently create in-class, homework, practice and assessments.
  3. Delegate to tech: Leverage best-in-class tech to give students educational feedback when they struggle on assignments.
  4. Consider the flip: Explore possible ways to further transform the learning experience. 

Top Resources for You

Making passion palpable
Live webinar

Following up on her recent ACS presentation, Prof. Beverly Meinzer shares her journey from lecture-driven to student-centered, explaining the specific ways she adjusted her approach to engage students. From positive reinforcement to mobile-friendly tech, hear the strategies that have been most impactful on April 29, 2:15pm ET

Consider the possibilities

You've already reduced in-class lecture time. How much further should you go? What are the pros/cons and what's involved in taking your class in this direction? Read how Dr. Stephanie Dillon has made the flip work for her and her students at Florida State University.

Impact of the Flipped Classroom on Student Performance

Achieving a 56% reduction in DFW, these educators have concrete evidence and solid strategies to offer. Check out this research from Aktiv Chemistry user and chair of Marquette University's chemistry department, Scott Reid.

Give Students
In-The-Moment Feedback

When are students most open to fixing a misconception or better grasping a concept? Right at the moment they make a mistake. Hear what students say about their own learning process and consider what it means for your own courses.

Why do students
Think that?

Students enter the classroom with deeply-rooted misconceptions related to fundamental chemistry concepts. Hear suggestions from chemical education researcher Dr. Vicente Talanquer on nipping these issues in the bud.

Streamline Your Workflow
Use an all-in-one platform

"Using Aktiv Chemistry in-class as a student response system and outside of class for a homework system was a benefit. It had always been one or the other for me, and I was having to patch stuff together." [Mark Blaser, chemistry professor, co-editor "Active Learning in General Chemistry"]