Educational Technology Should be Designed Specifically for Chemistry

Among the large number of courses that students will take as part of their college degree program, chemistry can be one of the most challenging. The right edtech tools even the playing field.

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As the Gardner Institute concluded, “The findings strongly suggest that course redesign is essential.” But what does that look like? In a Chemical and Engineering article, “Weeding out inequity in undergraduate chemistry classes,” MSU Chemistry professor Melanie Cooper says “The problem with traditional intro courses is that they’re a mile wide and an inch deep, so they teach way, way too much.”


So what are instructors to do as, in the words of Gardner, they face “a steadily diversifying, twenty-first-century student body”? As Cooper says, the traditional model is deeply flawed. Educational technology is an answer.

Technology in the Classroom

Effective educational technology meets students where they are, capitalizing on their tech-savviness and daily smartphone habits. This meets students by joining and integrating into students’ daily tech usage.

Bringing Chemistry to Life with Edtech

Wherever students are, edtech can reach them, encouraging students as they find and create their best personal learning environments. But while it’s easy to visualize what this would look like for an English course, with quizzes, vocab, and flashcards, what does it look like when edtech meets chemistry? As the research has shown, students need more than traditional quizzes and homework to help them understand chemistry concepts. Effective education technology for chemistry students needs to be able to meet students at their level of understanding and explain chemistry concepts through interactive and engaging modules.

Using Insights and Feedback to Adapt Coursework

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