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Aktiv Learning in Forbes

From a PhD in Chemical Engineering to Edtech Founder, Justin Weinberg tells Forbes his story on how he built a STEM platform.

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acs sprinf 2022

ACS Spring 2022 Highlights

Not attending ACS Spring 2022? Check out the research presentation abstracts by Aktiv Chemistry (Chem101) instructors here!

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Aktiv Learning on Edtech Insiders Podcast

Aktiv Learning (Chem101) was featured on Edtech Insiders! Listen to an exclusive interview of our CEO and Co-founder, Justin Weinberg.

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Time Saving Tips for Chemistry Instructors

Many chemistry instructors feel that their time is limited between course prep and other duties. Learn how you can save time in your class.

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Equilibirium: Where Chemistry and Pedagogy Meet (Issue #3)

Perspective from chemistry educators, for chemistry educators.

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How Universities Can Help STEM Students Succeed

Challenges in STEM education such as high attrition lead to low retention rates. Learn how universities can set students up for success.

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Say Good-Bye to Clickers, Hello to In-Class Problem-Solving

Learn how Aktiv Chemistry overcomes the limitations of both traditional clicker technology and alternative web-based classroom response systems.

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Chemistry Blog Post@2x

Chem101 is now Aktiv Chemistry

When we founded 101edu in 2016, we wanted to bring active learning to the center of STEM education. Now we’re taking the opportunity to evolve our brand in order to better communicate and reinforce this message. Welcome to Aktiv Learning, the evolution of 101edu.

Justin Weinberg

Co-founder & CEO of Aktiv Learning


Recipe for Recitation: Best Practices for Discussion Sections

Join a webinar with chemistry faculty Scott Reid (Marquette University) and Tara Todd (Vanderbilt University) on best practices for recitation/discussion sections.

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