Summer Platform Training & Updates

Throughout the summer, Aktiv Chemistry’s Success team is offering a series of events and trainings to help you get prepared for the Fall term and learn more about the new capabilities of the Aktiv Chemistry platform.


Managing Your Class with Aktiv Chemistry

This session will walk you through how to handle any situation that comes up over the course of your academic term. Topics covered will include registering students to use Aktiv Chemistry, setting up extra time for students who need time accommodations, managing individualized settings such as extensions, partial credit, extra attempts, and make up assignments.


Utilizing Homework in Aktiv Chemistry

This workshop will talk through best practices on using the Aktiv Chemistry homework assignments including: how to create, assign, and grade homework within Aktiv Chemistry.


Configuring Aktiv Chemistry to Support In-Class/Synchronous Activities

This workshop will deep-dive into the features and uses of Aktiv Chemistry in-class assignments including: attendance, check-ins, quizzes, and group work.

Secure Quizzes & Exams

Creating and Managing Quizzes and Exams with Aktiv Chemistry

This workshop will introduce the capabilities of the Aktiv Chemistry quiz and exam assignments. In this workshop you will learn how to create and distribute a quiz/exam, the recommended settings to ensure assignment integrity, and how to manage make-up quizzes/exams.

LMS Breakdown

Optimizing Aktiv Chemistry for Your Learning Management System

This session will go over the new LTI v2 multi-column LMS integration and will also go over best practices for linking Aktiv Chemistry to your LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, Sakai, and others.


Breaking Down the Aktiv Chemistry Gradebook

In this session, we will cover the different options for downloading, viewing, and managing student grades and results in the Aktiv Chemistry platform including the customizable gradebook.

What's New

Highlighting the New Personalized Learning Features

In this session, we will go over new features that will be available in the platform for the Fall 2022 term including – Adaptive Follow Up Activities, Math Remediation Tools, Question Bank Filters, and more.


Exploring the Aktiv Chemistry Question Bank

In this session, we will go over the general structure of the Aktiv Chemistry library so that you are able to easily navigate and select the best questions for your assignments and students.

Ask Us Anything

Aktiv Chemistry Office Hours

Hosted by one of our success managers, come in and ask anything you would like about the Aktiv Chemistry platform.