What's New in Aktiv Chemistry

Increase Student Mastery
in Chemistry Courses

Aktiv Chemistry (formerly Chem101) has grown at an unbelievable pace over the past few years. Its content library has grown exponentially and there are now many new ways to take advantage of the platform both inside and outside of the classroom. In this webinar, we’ll be reviewing capabilities to help students with math skills, close gaps on particular struggle points, new Organic Chemistry content, course analytics, and SO much more. 

Originally aired on: June 29, 2022

Remediate Math Skills

Help students learn, review, and practice essential math skills - from order of operations to quadratic equations, exponents to logs.

Benefit from scaffolded interfaces that give students visual, pedagogical, and guided support as they problem solve, not just after they submit answers.

Adaptive Follow Up

Ensure student mastery with our automatically-generated, personalized problem sets for spaced practice.

Let Aktiv Chemistry’s Adaptive Follow Up activities identify struggle points and engage students in targeted practice in the days following each assignment.

Enhanced Course Analytics

For the first time, see detailed statistics such as the time spent per problem and the average attempts made per problem at a course level and an individual student level

Organic Reaction Mechanisms

Arrow drawing in Organic Chemistry courses has never been easier. Aktiv has built research-based stepping stone approach to electron pushing that helps students build a conceptual understanding and also allows them to actually draw mechanisms