Inspiring Non-Chem Majors with
Real World Context & Gamification

Increase Student Engagement
in Chemistry Courses

Following up on her recent ACS presentation, Dr. Addie Clark shares the myriad ways she answers her non-chem major students’ question: 

Why do we have to learn this??

Addie offers impactful ways to engage those less-than-enthusiastic students through:

  • Real-world context that shows chemistry in careers, pop culture, and every day life
  • Project-based assignments that make chemistry relevant
  • Interactive questions that gamify the learning experience
  • Escape rooms activities that increase student engagement

Originally aired on: May 6, 2022

Dr. Addie Clark

Addie Clark is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). In the fall she will be an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Providence College. She recently spoke at the ACS Spring 2022 conference on her research as well as her approach to engaging non-chemistry majors in learning chemistry and was recognized as the 2019 Oregon Education Resources (OER) Champion by Open Oregon, an organization that promotes the adoption of open, low-cost, and high-quality educational materials. She earned her BS in Chemistry Education from Emory & Henry College and her PhD in Environmental Analytical Chemistry at Baylor University.