Success Stories

Professors from over 600 colleges and universities use Aktiv Chemistry to engage students inside and outside of the classroom. Learn how some of them have transformed their courses.


Rev Up Recitations: Strengthen Student Problem-Solving Skills

Professor Scott Reid uses Aktiv Chemistry to expose students to a greater depth of practice and problem-solving – leading to more impactful discussion sections.

Scott Reid

Chair and Professor, Department of Chemistry, Marquette University


The Future of Teaching: Leveraging New Technology to Keep Students Engaged

Professor Brandi Baldock explains how Aktiv Chemistry’s easy-to-use learning platform is helping her department adapt to an ever-changing educational landscape.

Brandi Baldock

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Merrimack College


Support That Matters: Elevating Learning and Removing Technical Barriers

Professor Sam Banerjee has transitioned his online homework platform to Aktiv Chemistry to provide a more user friendly experience for his General Chemistry students

Sambuddah Banerjee

Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, East Carolina University


Customizing the Course Experience to Meet the Most Rigorous Standards

Professor Lenny Vuocolo uses Aktiv Chemistry in his rigorous Modern Chemistry course to ask probing in-class questions and provide his students with extra practice

Lenny Vuocolo

Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University


Making Departmental Adoptions Easier with Technology that Keeps Students and Instructors in Mind

Professor Anthony Durante has worked with his community college department and faculty body to implement Aktiv Chemistry across several first-year chemistry courses with over 30 individual sections per semester.

Anthony Durante

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Bronx Community College


Sparking Interest and Engagement in Introductory Chemistry for Non-STEM Majors

Professor Elaine Bernal has adopted Aktiv Chemistry in her Introductory Chemistry class for non-STEM majors where she uses the platform to drive engagement in the classroom and cut down the barriers around the subject matter for her students

Elaine Bernal

Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, California State University – Long Beach